We Don't Duck Hunt, We Duck Kill

Wing Kings Hunt Club is the fishing and gaming club to belong to in Northwest Louisiana.

Northwest Louisiana is home to some of the best fishing and hunting grounds anywhere in the country. Teeming with a vast array of wildlife, it is the ideal place for sporting and gaming in Louisiana.

If you're in Bossier City Louisiana, Shreveport Louisiana, Monroe Louisiana, Minden Louisiana, Ruston Louisiana, or anywhere in Northwest Louisiana, or East Texas, and are interested in joining a small, intimate group of people who share the same passion in hunting and fishing, you're right where you should be. Formed by a group of family and friends who hunt and fish together in some of the area's best spots, Wing Kings Hunt Club is the name to remember when you want to experience great camaraderie and great fishing and hunting trips shared with an awesome group of like-minded individuals.

We also offer various high quality logoed apparel and other products like:

1. Duck Hunting Apparel (Logoed Apparel)
2. Duck Hunting Stickers and Bumper Stickers
3. Duck Hunting Tee Shirts Louisiana (with logo)
4. Hoodies with logo
5. Beverage Koozies

Here at Wing Kings, we are really not in competition with anyone because we really aren't out to make a buck. Our goal is to promote sporting and gaming in Northwest Louisiana and we do this through our products, by sharing our hunting and fishing pictures, as well as through word-of-mouth from people who've had a wonderful experience with the club.

For us, hunting and Fishing with friends and family is not work. That is what is fulfilling. This is not work or a business, just a hobby we love sharing with people close to us and others who share the same passion.

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